DSC_0405Mekhala House

Mekhala House provides underprivileged girls in rural Cambodia with a comprehensive education and personal development program. Currently there are 40 girls aged between 9 and 20.

What are the goals of Mekhala House?

Mekhala House provides underprivileged girls with the skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to escape poverty improve their standard of living, live happy and fulfilling lives and contribute to the development of their community.

The staff at Mekhala House operate programs to help the girls develop self-confidence and have increased control over their lives. The girls are provided with leadership and mentoring opportunities with the aim for them to be empowered to become leaders within the community.


6 girls accepted into uinvieserity 1 girl starting her own bussiness The girls are all in the top 25% of the theri shcooll classes. This has been an incredible acheibvemtn as when a girl starts with us they are usualy in the bottom 25% of their class.

How much does Mekhala House cost to operate?

Mekhala House August 2007 017The annual budget for Mekhala House is about $100,000. This covers the cost of staff to care and operate programs for the girls, food, medical costs, clothing, rent, utilities and other administrative costs. The budget also covers the cost of supporting the girls through vocational and tertiary education. Cambodian Kids Can have committed to look after the girls after they have left Mekhala House and while they undertake further education.

Why is Mekhala House needed to help girls?

Mekhala House is located in Prey Veng, a poor rural province of Cambodia. Many people in the region are subsistence farmers, typically growing only enough food to survive, with maybe a little extra to sell in the market. Health services in Cambodian rural villages are almost non-existent and endemic illnesses lead to many children being orphaned or only having one surviving parent. Orphaned children often become a burden to their assigned guardians as they represent another mouth to feed for a family that is often struggling to survive. Children are often required to help earn money to live. They are forced to give up school to work in the rice fields, sometimes as young as 10 years old. For a child with no education, they are consigned to a life of poverty, with no opportunity to improve their life. Girls are particularly affected, with their income opportunities limited to working in the fields or in garment factories. For orphaned girls or those living in extreme poverty, there is also a real risk of being sold into sex slavery as a way of providing income to their families or guardians. Mekhala House provides girls in Prey Veng with the opportunity to be cared for, educated and, most importantly, to have the opportunity to improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty.