Course details The Mekhala Learning centre (MLC) is the only educational centre in Prey Veng, Cambodia providing vital learning opportunities for children and young people from poor and underprivileged families. The project offers:

  • free computer, internet and English lessons for high school and university students from poor, underprivileged families;
  • a free library for everyone in the community enabling access to books and learning materials;
  • free access to the internet for everyone in the community to undertake activities such as research, learning and reading; and
  • a structured program of skills-based workshops that build the competence and confidence of young people enabling them to achieve better educational outcomes and to successfully transition to the workforce.

What are the objectives of the MLC?

  • Foster a culture of learning and skills acquisition among children and young people in rural Cambodia;
  • Provide underprivileged children with access to information and learning resources that increases their educational outcomes and employment opportunities;
  • Improve the quality and variety of skills of underprivileged children so they can access the same jobs as urban communities;
  • Assist the rural communities to shift to a skills and knowledge based economy that will provide.

Building Sustainability

The course is structured so that a student with no experience, by the end of the 6 month course will have the confidence to use a computer for their studies or work and have enough basic understanding to further develop their skills in the future.

Significant effort is made to develop a culture that values computer learning in the region.

Students’ parents are educated on the benefits of using a computer and they are required to commit to supporting their children in their computer studies. Also training is also provided to influencers such as teachers and public servants to create an awareness of the benefits of learning computers among the students’ peers.

The curriculum at the MLC is designed in an innovative way that makes learning interesting and enjoyable for the students and encourages them to develop a greater interest in using computers to benefit their lives. FDCC teachers design the curriculum using information gained through online research and internal and external training.

They regularly update the curriculum to ensure that new approaches for learning and the latest information are applied. The students are encouraged to practice and explore new ideas of interest when using the technology, through group discussions and participatory activities. Learning this way builds students’ confidence to use their newly acquired skills which will help them to apply it in their future employment.

These teaching methods are not commonly adopted in Cambodia, which often rely on rote learning with little interaction. Cambodian Kids Can and FDCC are seeking to expand the MLC project to address the significant growing demand for computing educational services from underprivileged students in the Prey Veng region. Our plans are to:

  • Increase the capacity of the project by providing additional classes for high school students;
  • Upgrade the resources available to the teachers and students to provide a higher quality educational service;
  • Increase the type and quality of educational workshops to provide a wider educational program specifically targeted to high school students and university students in the Prey Veng region.

The budget for the current program is US$30,000 per annum. Cambodian Kids Can is seeking a further funding to achieve these goals. You can donate today or email us and find out more.