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Mekhala Football3

The girls at Mekhala house love sport. And recently 8 girls took part in an under 14 football competition with teams from across provinces.
The girls (who have had kits and boots donated) were up against 25 other all girl teams.

The excitement was clear as one of the girls said, “when I entered the football pitch I felt happy and excited. When my team was ready to compete I felt terrible because I saw big groups of other players.”

The completion was tough but quickly the rival teams started talking and the girls all got along and had fun over their shared passion for football.
The day started and the Mekhala Kangaroos started winning games. “I want to kick more goals than the team because I wanted to win and be proud of me team.”

The girls reached the semi final but lost. The pressure was on for the third place play off which they won.

“When my team was ranked third I fell happy, But I hope the next opportunity my team play to get number one!”
Lookout Socceroos, here come the Mekhala Kangaroo Football Team.

Mekhala Football5

The team lines up

Mekhala Football6

The long walk to the field

Mekhala Football2

In action

Mekhala Football4

Mekhala Kangroo Football 3rd place. What a team!

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