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Education changes everything.

There are over 1 million child labourers in Cambodia.*

But an educated girl in a developing country will invest up to 90% of her income** back into her family, compared to 35% for a boy.

Sponsor and education today and empower a girl for life.

Mekhala House is home to up to 45 orphaned and under privileged children, you can empower these girls today by donating or fundraising to help fund a girl through a year of university. 

Our girls have come a long way and their success is thanks to the hard work they put in and your kindness.

Costs for one child include

English lessons $100
Clothes $32

This is Phally. She is an incredible young woman. This is her story. You can empower her today and 34 young women like her. Donate today.


Get a full list of what we spend your money on here

* http://www.lasallianfoundation.org/page.aspx?pid=354

** http://www.girleffect.org/explore/empowering-girls-with-economic-assets/deck-empowering-girls-with-the-right-assets