Vhuty today

Vhuty is an inspiration.

Vhuty passed her year 12 exams, she wants to go to university to study to become a pharmacist. You can help her achieve her dreams.  $2000 a year will pay for her university education and she will do the hard work and lift herself out of poverty forever.

You can donate or purchase a cookbook.  100% of the proceeds will empower Vhuty and girls like her.

This is her story.

Vuthy’s father’s died when she was a child.  From this point the struggle to survive for Vuthy, her mother and brother was difficult.  Her mother had contracted HIV from her father and she struggled to cope with the debilitating sickness.  She couldn’t work and so she subdivided the family’s land and sold part of it in order to survive.

Vuthy had to get up early to climb the tamarind trees to pick the fruit and leaves to sell.  She also caught fish in the pond and picked water grass to sell.  Sometimes she walked on the road to pick up old steel to sell.

Vhuty and grandmother

Vhurty and her Grandmother before she came to live at Mekhala House

With the money, Vuthy would go and buy medicine for her mother and food for her family.  If she had any money left over she would also buy books and materials to study.  Vuthy loved studying, but was unable to go to school often since she had to look after her mother.

After her mother died, Vuthy went to live with her grandmother.  However, her grandmother was also sick and had very little money and no job.  Vhuty continued to work in the rice fields planting and harvesting rice to earn money to buy food  and medicine for her grandmother.

To ensure she and her grandmother and brother could survive, Vuthy took a job to stay out in the rice fields over night to scare away the birds.  She was terrified as she slept alone at night.  Vuthy was 12 years old.

It was at this point that a neighbour contacted Cambodian Kids Can.

Vhuty at MH

Vhuty (left) in her first days at Mekhala House

From the time Vuthy arrived at Mekhala House she made a big impression on everyone with her desire to learn, her intelligence and maturity.

Vuthy also demonstrates a keen interest in all of the activities offered at Mekhala House and seeks to master everything she is taught.  During the past two years Vhuty learnt yoga and teaches the other girls every weekend.

In 2010 and 2011 Vuthy was also a member of the Mekhala Kangaroos – a soccer team the girls from Mekhala House created as part of an Under-15 girls’ tournament in Phnom Penh.  This tournament, which is organised annually by a Cambodian NGO, comprises teams from around the country, including teams that play in regular leagues.  The Mekhala Kangaroos, including Vuthy, made the semi-finals in the first year they played and they won the tournament in the second year.

Vhuty and aunt 2

Vhuty with her aunt

Vhuty has a maturity and wisdom beyond her years.  She wants to lift herself out of poverty and help her brother and her family.  She can do this with your help.

P urchase a cookbook today and you will be enabling Vhuty and girls like her.