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You can help girls in one of the poorest areas of Cambodia change their future. Through education they can live a life filled with opportunity instead of disadvantage.

Make a single donation or set up a regular donation today here:

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Your donation will supporter two projects:

Mekhala House provides a safe and nurturing home for these girls, free from hunger and abuse. The girls are empowered with formal education and life skills so that they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty and make a positive impact on their community.

Mekhala Learning Centre, the only educational centre in Prey Veng, fosters a culture of learning in the local community by providing disadvantaged families with access to learning resources such as a library, the internet and other learning materials.

Make your gift monthly and empower young women for life.

Chanda, Sophors, Phally, SreyKouch

Chanda, Sophors, Phally, SreyKouch

Only $10 a month from 90 people will enable these young women to go to university to study, business, marketing, accounting and nursing. Not only are you enabling them, but the hundreds of people these extraordinary young women will work with and help through out their lives. Sign up for a $10 a month direct debit here:

Find out more about the young women you can empower:


Sophors at Cambodian charity





Sreykhouch empowered through education at Cambodian Charity Cambodian Kids Can

Sreykouch at Mekhala House