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Girls empowered through edyucation charity


Srey Khuch

The best thing about being at university is the library because there are a lot of different kind of books for me to read.   The university is also big and very clean.

Every day, I go to school, clean my room and cook food like sour soup with pork or fried vegetable with pork.

I have regular group discussions with my friends and spend time preparing my assignment depend on what is required.

Khuch web2When I have free time, I listen to romantic songs, and enjoy the outdoors by walking around the campus. My favorite food to cook is sour soup because it has a lot of ingredients such as: lemon grass, lime leaves, garlic, galangal, pork and morning glory. It is so yummy.

My favorite subject is computers because it is important for me to know to get a good job in the future using a computer.

My best friend is sister Phally from Mekhala House because we’re always sharing our thoughts and we can talk to each other when we are happy or sad.

When I graduate from university, I want to get an accounting job in Phnom Penh.


At university, I really enjoy the good environment which has a lot of trees on the campus.

Every day I go to school, read my text books, clean my bedroom, wash my clothes and the dishes.  I also cook sour soup with fish or pork and salt fish with vegetables.

I always try help my friends who don’t understand the lessons and they help me too.

When I have some free time, I do assignments, read books or watch funny movies from Thailand or Korea which I download from our library.  I also listen to music and do exercise by walki37ng around the university grounds. Sometimes, I tell my friends jokes that I have read or funny things I saw on TV to make my friends and I laugh all together. We have a lot of fun.

My favorite subject is Economics because I like learning about market conditions.

At the weekend I go to the market to buy my favourite fruit dessert and wash my bedsheets. At night, I read my text books and prepare for lessons on Monday morning.

My favorite food is Korko Soup (vegetable soup) because it has many different kinds of fresh vegetables. It tastes so nice.

My best friend is Sreykhouch from Mekhala House because we do everything all together and we share all our things with each other too.

Thank you for your support!

We are attempting to raise funds for many other projects.  We need funding for our community development centre and we are working with one of our girls SreyEm to help her establish her own business.

If you’d like to get involved with any of these projects please contact us at Cambodiankidscan@gmail.com