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We are home to lots of children and every year our primary school girls need:


  • Clothes $32 per child
  • Books $14 per child
  • Private study (extra English classes run Mekhala House after school) $100 per child
  • Food $465 per child
  • Health and dental care, the girls receive regular checkups $60 per child. We encourage the girls to follow their own ideas and have $100 per child so that they can explore, Khmer dancing, sewing, career development opportunities and the girls are even in a football team!

But we have other costs too, we have to pay rent, staff, we have to pay the bills!
Our utilities bills electricity and gas for Mekhala House come to $1,800 per year
We drive our children to the local school so they are always safe this costs $5,300 a year.

The girls you empower though your donation are incredible, read their stories here.

Make a tax deductible donation today here and empower a girl for life.