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Darany came to live with Cambodian Kids Can when she was 11 years old.

This was the house that she lived in.  When Darany was younger, her father committed suicide and her mother later died of HIV.

Before her mum died, Darany had to get up early every morning to pick fruit, catch fish and sometimes she walked along the road to find bits of old metal to sell.

With the money that she got, Darany would buy medicine for her mum

If she had any money left over, she would also buy books and materials in order to study.

Darany loved studying.  But she was unable to go to school regularly because she had to look after her mum.

After her mum died, Darany had to sleep alone in the rice fields at night. To scare away the birds from eating the rice crops.

She was terrified.

It was at this point that FDCC came to visit her village.

This was in response to a request from the community elders in the village and her guardians to see if we were able to care for her at Mekhala House

Darany was told that if she came to Mekhala House, she would have food to eat every day and be able to go to school as well as learn English and computing.

Needless to say, she absolutely jumped at the chance!

Darany is now 16 and she went from being in the bottom 40% of her class to the top 10% of her class.  What a fantastic result!

Vuthy today

Through her hard work and determination she has crafted her own life full of opportunities, but she couldn’t have done this without the support of people like you.

*All children’s names changed to protect their identities