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DSC_0007Hello. My name is Sok SreyEm. I am currently doing vocational training in sewing at Mekhala House. My dream is to one day open a small sewing shop in my home town.

My life before I came to live at Mekhala House was not easy. My father died when I was a child, soon after my mother became sick too so she could no longer go to work in the rice fields.

I decided to stop studying in grade 4 so I could earn money to support my mother and two young sisters. Each day I would wake up at 4am to cook for my sisters, I would then work at the rice fields from 6am until 11am and catch fish between 2pm and 4pm. I would only earn 3,000 riles, (75 cents) the field owner said this was because I was so young.

Two years after my father died, my mother died too. My sisters and I cried and were very sad because we missed our mother. I still sent my sisters to school and continued to support them by working in the rice fields. I loved studying and did not want to stop but as I was the eldest sister I saw it as my duty to send my sisters to school so they would not have to work in the rice fields too.

DSC_0087My dream to return to school came true when my sisters and I went to live at Mekhala house. It was amazing. I started school again in year 5. Mekhala House provided me a lot of love, warmth, a good school uniform, school materials, personal toiletries, a safe place to stay and enough food which I never thought would be possible.

I decided to stop studying again in late year 8 because I knew that I could not continue it any more. I tried for such a long time and really did my best but I felt that I could not keep up with the school work and I could not catch up with a lot of subjects. I felt ashamed around my classmates. So I decided to tell the Child Manager (Mak Nath).

DSC_0160Mak Nath guided me and helped me select sewing as vocational training. After I finish this training, I would like Mekhala House to help me study extra classes on designing clothes, with the hope to one day make a small sewing shop in my home town.

Thank you so much for your support, for such a long time. I hope you will continue to support me to reach my goal. I will be grateful to you forever in my life. Thanks.


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