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Noy appeal

Donate for CKCIn the Cambodian province of Prey Veng, poverty is wide spread and girls like Noy are often made to work to support their families.

Your donation today will enable young women like Noy to pursue their academic dreams at University and break the cycle of poverty through education.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is a letter from Noy:
Thank you note from Noy


How will we spend your money?

We’ve got that for you here, broken down item by item, the costs for a year at university.
Note all costs in USD

$100 – English classes
$81 – Extra study
$63 – Study materials
$126.56 – Rice
$405 – Other food
$13.50 – Spices
$27 – Gas
$32.67 – Personal toiletries
$58 – Pocket money
$119.36 – Clothing & footware (school)
$271 – Clothing and footware (home)
$18 – First Aid supplies
$60 – Trasnportation

$1375.09 – Total cost
Donate for CKC