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Cambodian Kids Can has invested more than $1 million on the ground in Cambodia and employ 17 full time local Khmer staff.  

Since 2005, Mekhala House has:

  • Provided a loving home environment and access to education for 73 girls

  • Supported 14 girls to successfully complete their high school studies

  • Enabled 5 young women to graduate from university

Since 2009, Mekhala Learning Centre has:

  • Provided 11 six month courses for 598 students

  • Allowed 600 local community members to visit the library each month

  • Enabled 1300 books to be read monthly


Where Your Money Goes

Every donation directly supports the girls at Mekhala House and the local community through the continued growth of Mekhala Learning Centre. Your generosity may help fund the following costs each month:

  • Mekhala House running utilities- $520

  • Food- $60 per girl

  • Books and other school supplies for all girls- $60

  • Health and dental care -$50

  • English tutor for all 40 girls- $30

  • Private study fees- $20 per girl

Cambodian Kids Can has also committed to supporting the girls while they pursue their dreams at university. This costs $2,000 per year per girl.

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