Cambodian Kids Can (CKC) in Australia and Foundation for Developing Cambodian Communities (FDCC) Cambodia work in partnership to assist underprivileged children in Prey Veng, a rural province of Cambodia.

Each organisation has separate roles in the projects:

  • CKC raises funds for projects operated by FDCC Cambodia and provides strategic direction and operational support for FDCC Cambodia.  CKC Directors and volunteers also undertake programs to transfer knowledge and skills to the staff of FDCC Cambodia.
  • FDCC Cambodia operates the projects.  As a result of this arrangement, the Cambodians learn valuable skills in areas such as administration, finance, project management, staff development and teaching.  Also, and most importantly, the local Cambodians assume ownership of the problems and issues facing underprivileged children and are directly responsible for providing the services to help the children in their community.
  • CKCK is trading in Australia as FDCC.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) governs the relationship between CKC and FDCC Cambodia.  The MOU ensures that the projects are delivered in a sustainable and transparent way that meets the requirements of donors to Cambodian Kids Can Australia.