“I’m a student in Grade 11. After finishing Grade 12 I’m going to continue at university. I’m a representative of Mekhala House girls. We’re all so thankful for the donors in Australia who always support us, both with living costs and education.

I want to tell you about Christmas Day in Cambodia. It’s a special time for many people. It’s common to say “Merry Christmas” everywhere you go. We start giving gifts to our friends, teachers, relatives and our loved ones on the 25th of December or sometimes we have a game of exchanging gifts in which we do a lucky draw to pick up the gifts. For me, I exchange with my best friend, and sometimes with my younger brother and I usually do a lucky draw to pick up the presents, both in school and Mekhala House with the girls. For me, I love Christmas Day very much.

I wish you good luck, good health, great family time and success in everything you do, especially your dream goal.Thanks for reading.”