This is her story in her words.

“Hello! My name is Chhoung Sreykhouch. I am 18 years old girl. I was born  in Khnoy Village, Takov commune, Kampong Leav District, Prey Veng Province.

I love learning very much. Most of my friends could go to school and they had money to study English Class too. I really wanted to learn English but I could not.

In the evening I cooked rice and carried water a long time to my house. Sometime I picked some fruit and vegetable to sell because I needed money to school and bought rice. My family is very poor.

My grandmother stopped me going to school when I was in grade 6 because she did not have money to support me. I thought that I won’t be sent to school forever. I was very sad.

One day, the Village Chief told me that there was an organization that wanted to help me. I was very happy so I came to live at Mekhala House.

I was very happy because there was enough food, safe place to stay, warm and love and a lot of study materials. More importantly I could go to school. I thought that my life is changing.

I have been living in Mekhala House for 7 years. Because of Mekhala House I am strong and energy. I will continue to study at Universy then I will get a good job.

When I finish school I want to be an accountant and I really want to be a singer. Finally, I also want to be a good citizen. Thank you.”