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Empowering Through Education.

Cambodian Kids Can gives at risk girls the chance to change their future and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.



What We Do

Since 2005, Cambodian Kids Can has worked to provide at-risk girls from Prey Veng, Cambodia with a safe and nurturing home, Mekhala House, where they are able to complete high school. We then offer continued support as they pursue their dreams at university. We also enable a culture of learning in the community through a local learning centre, Mekhala Learning Centre. Through these programs they have the chance to change their futures.


Our Impact

In Cambodia, less than half of the population finish high school and a staggering 36% of children are forced out of school and into work. Girls are most at risk. Since 2005, Cambodian Kids Can has been working tirelessly to change these statistics. To date, we have provided over 73 girls with a supportive home environment and access to formal education and personal development programs. 14 of these girls have successfully completed Year 12 and are pursuing tertiary studies. Five have graduated from university and are in the workforce.


GIRLS have been educated at mekhala house



GIRLS have completed year 12 and are pursuing tertiary studies



Girls have graduated university

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Get Involved

Want to support young women in Cambodia to change their futures? From raising much needed funds, to volunteering your time and expertise, to getting your company involved, there are a number of ways you can help break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.


Meet Our People

Cambodian Kids Can is run by a board of volunteers based in Melbourne. We also employ local Khmer staff in our programs in Cambodia.

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